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Set Field By Name

Question asked by DavidZakary on Aug 28, 2012
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I'm using Set Field By Name to swap a bunch of address fields around.



I've got 4 sets of address fields. All have a unique identifier in the name (address_residence_01, address_mailing_01, address_billing_01, etc.).


Users regularly need to copy the residence address to the billing address, etc. Lots of possible combinations.


I could put 4 buttons on the layout to perform the copy, but that seems messy.


What I've done is put a drop down beside the address with the possible options to "copy from".


I can calculate the destination with the Set Field By Name eaily.


For some reason I cannot calculate the value that should be put into the destination field. I want the value to be calculated, not hard-code the field name.


My calculation for the result is "Contacts::address_" & $address_set & "_city" (for example)


The $address_set variable would be "residence", "mailing", "billing", etc.


My result is the actual field name string rather than the contents of the field. I've tried a couple things to pull the value but haven't got it yet.


My brain is fried today and I clearly missing something simple.


Can somebody wake me up and point me in the direcdtion?


Dave Zakary