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Any keystroke jumps to first record.

Question asked by edrob on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by edrob

I have a new solution in FMP12 Advanced on a PC with a problem I haven't been able to solve so I'm hoping for some insight.


The setup:

Layout is in form view showing records from a table "Invoice". Invoice is joined to a Clients table and to a LineItem table in normal kp/kf fashion.

On the Layout are fields from Invoice, fields from Client and a portal from LineItems.

There is a "New Invoice" button that creates both a new client record and then a new Invoice record and a LineItem record.

On first opening the solution an open script opens the program to the Invoice layout.


Now the problem:

when the "New Invoice" button is pressed a new invoice (and joined records) are created and a field from the Client table is selected ready for input.

Information entered from field to field using the tab key is ok. But the second the mouse is clicked on any field or even the layout background the displayed record jumps to the first record in the table.


Temporary workaround:

I've found that if I click on the "Show or Hide the Status Toolbar" button or several Tabs (buttons) that go to a different layout, and then return to the invoice layout the problem disappears.

The common denominator seems to be "Show All" that is scripted in the return to Invoice layout button. However I doubt the "Show or Hide..." button does this.


So I'm at a loss. I even wonder if this is a bug in the FM program?

I've attached a copy of the file, Account Name: "admin" does not need a password.


Thanks for any solution or insight.