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Allowing data entry while prohibiting editing or viewing of records

Question asked by purpleferret79 on Aug 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by BruceHerbach

Hi, I'm working with Filemaker Pro 12 and have a set of instructions related to this question for an older version of filemaker. I've tried following the instructions including setting up global fields and then creating what they call a "I'm Done" script. Basically what I'm trying to create is a layout that allows one to enter new records only. I do not want to be able to view or edit any records in this layout. I also want the fields to be blank and ready for data entry when someone enters the layout. I have tried creating a button with a script like this:


New Record/Request

Set Field ['Name','Global Name']


The previous instructions from filemaker also said to add Clear ['Global Name']. This seems to work well in clearing my data and leaving a table with a bunch of blank rows, and no new record in my main table. This is not what I want to do though.


How can I set up a layout so it opens with a new blank record (all ready for data entry), that then (when closing or clicking a button) adds this information as a new record to my main table? Can anyone help with this?