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Currency conversions

Question asked by danielle-gwa on Aug 29, 2012
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Currently we have a database containing wind turbine part details. Within wach part record there may be a price field. Dependant on where we buy the part there will of course be a range of currencies that the price may be in (e.g. Euros, Pounds sterling, US dollars, Danish Krone, etc).


I want to create a report of all the parts, but show an overall cost for the parts in one currency, Euros. How would i go about showing what all the part prices are in Euros??




Maybe i need to create a calculation field that says

If in Pounds sterling, divide by 0.7918 and multiply by 1


If in Euros, do nothing


If in US Dollars, divide by 1.2557 and multiply by 1



Then i would need to keep manually adjusting the conversion rate.






Can someone please advise me on the best way to do this if different from my suggestion????


Thank you