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    Summary fields in Report


      Having problems trying to get a reprot that I want and know this should be easy.

      Here is what I need:


      1) Break on Employee

      2) Break on Catagory

      3) details


      4) Summary of number field for employee


      I have tried many things and nothing works so far... here is what I thought shoud work.


      leading Sub-summary - employee name

      leading Sub summary - Category Name

      Body - details (many records from category)

      trailing Sub-summary - Summary field trying to sum numbers


      My sort is by employeeID, then CategoryID

      Summary field is when sorted by emplyoeeID and running totals and restart for each group


      The data looks fine # 1),2),3) but I don't get the totals in 4)

      It appears to give the numbers from the last Catagory.... ?? Tried putting in footer but can't get total per employee


      Anyone have any suggestions?