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    Newbie Questions...


      Hi folks

      I'm got the trial version of FilemakerPRO 12 and have dowloaded the Starter Solutions/Inventory program.


      As I'm wanting to make a simple Stock Control/Inventory system to keep details of Stock Items, Stock In, Stock Out, Stock On Hand, Cost Price and Sell Price, this looks as though it could be modified to do what I want.


      The problem I cannot find a way to access the underlying tables, it would appear, from the code below, that there is a linked table called "Stock Transactions",

      BUT where is it? and how do I get to see it?



      If ( IsEmpty ( Sum ( Stock Transactions::Units In ) - Sum ( Stock Transactions::Units Out ) ) ; 0 ; Sum ( Stock Transactions::Units In ) - Sum ( Stock Transactions::Units Out ) )



      The code is from the "units on hand" field in the Inventory table view.


      Hope someone can help with this.



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          Bob, welcome newbie! I recommend that you read the documentation and go through the tutorial to get you up to speed a bit.


          Hopefully these screen shot will give you an immediate answer:

          1. select the MENU: File, Manage, Database...


          2. in the dialog that comes up, be sure to click on the Tables tab:


          The Fields tab shows you the fields/columns for each table and the Relationships tab shows you how these are related by using a graph.



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            Hi Beverly

            Many thanks for the quick reply

            It's going to take a while to find my way round as I've been trying Access, but find that a little complicated.

            Are there any tutorials available on the web about creating a simple stock control database?

            Thanks again,


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              Hi Bob,


              Todd Geist has some good stuff to help in this type of transaction. Check out his blog post and video here http://www.geistinteractive.com/2010/04/21/inventory-transactions/


              You can also investigate the Invoice starter file which comes with Filemaker pro.


              Ray Cologon also uses an inventory model in his FileMaker Pro Bible series.




              Hope this helps,



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                Hi Tim


                Thanks for the pointers, I'll check them out.


                Anyone else have any suggestions?



                Bob (newbie)

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                  The "Stock Transactions" is the itemstable wich keep counting your transactions in and out of the stock.


                  This data is access by the calculation. To view a table like this easy you make a portal.


                  The only "problem" I have is understanding why you want to access this table.

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                    Sorry, as I'm VERY new to Filemaker I don't understand how to make a portal.

                    I want to access the table as for my use I will need to alter the fields in the table, also I am trying to find out how Filemaker works.

                    I'm after making a simple stock control database which will record item description/cost price/sell price/and on hand levels, I think I can alter the inventory template to do what I want but obviously need to see how the original works.

                    I've been trying to do this with Access but Filemaker looks like it might be easier to work with



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                      You need to connect the fields between two Table Occurrences (alias-if you like) as they appear on the Relationship graph (File, Manage, Database - menus). Once connected, you can draw a portal on a layout and select the appropriate T.O. Select whatever fields you want to appear in the portal.


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                      Beverly Voth


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                        Also put this into your favorite search engine "filemaker 12 tutorial". You get a lot of information free with your install. After that, there are training courses.


                        Did you learn Access by asking questions on a forum? I'm not trying to be mean, but if you get the basics down, you'll have much more important questions to ask!


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                        Beverly Voth


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                          Thanks again for the replies.

                          I've got a couple of books ordered, which have not arrived as yet.

                          I suppose I'm being a bit impatient, wanting to get started, but as you will no doubt be aware Filemaker is "different" from other databases and I am having a little difficulty finding my way around, you and others in the forum are at least letting me start to find out hoe Filemaker does things, for example I'd never heard of a "portal" until today.....



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                            I understand, Bob! I work with all kinds of databases (and other applications). Everything seems different when it's new to me. The guides and documentation that comes with FMP install (including the tutorial) are available while you wait for the books and are EXCELLENT sources for these kinds of answers. And probably faster than us creating a demo and/or screenshots.



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                              There are also a bunch of videos on youtube that you may want to check out.


                              Good Luck,


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                                I would also add that the FileMaker Training Series (FTS) is a terrific introduction to FileMaker. It's available here on the FileMaker web site. I believe you can download it.


                                I'm working my way through the FM12 version of the lessons right now. I have been using FileMaker since v2, and I've still learned a couple of things through FTS.



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                                  thanks for that