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How to import db from FM Pro 12-->FM Pro Advanced 11

Question asked by jzbubble on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by eshoshin

I have 3 questions.


1) Recently I download FM pro 12 for trial and used it to create a contact db. But I can't import it back to FM pro adv. 11 which I bought early this year. Pls help. It seems all fields don't match when importing. Why? I create contacts under FM 11 by using starter solution and tried to import the db created by FM pro 12 but it's a mess. Pls help.


2) To my surprise in FM pro 12, the starter solution is less choices than FM 11. Is this becaus I am using trial version or just pro version? In my FM pro adv. 11, there are a lot of templates like purchasing order which is very important to my work. Pls help too.


3) If I bough FM 12, can i still use FM pro Adv 11? I mean I will buy upgrade to FM pro adv 12. I'm really worried I can't use those starter solutions anymore. And when will FM 13 be released? I can't cough up $300 each year for upgrading.


I am a beginner so my question may seem very easy for your gurus but pls help a little bit. Thanks in advance.