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    Rogue Script - Disobedient If Statement


      Ok, I must be really tired. What am I missing?


      I have the below script, fired by an OnObjectKeystroke trigger, that should continue on with the rest of the script if the user hits the Return, Enter, or Tab keys...and allows the user to keep typing if they are entering text. But when I hit enter, return, or tab...it goes through the If steps and Exits the script.


      • If [ Let ( [ t = Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ) ] ; t ≠ 9 or t ≠ 10 or t ≠ 13 ) ]
        • Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Keystroke Trigger"; Message: Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ); Buttons: “OK” ]
        • Exit Script [ ]
      • End If
      • ..Rest of Script


      What things might cause an If statement to evaluate as True when it is false? Or should I call in that script that the doc gave me? There are a few spots in the script that are doing something similar ( that is, ignoring the result of the if instead of skipping the steps within the if group.