Problem importing TIFF file with higher resolution

Discussion created by intex on Aug 30, 2012

Hi at all,


following problem occurs in FM11 and FM12.


We took a TIFF graphics file from Photoshop with predefined size in cm and a resolution of 220dpi for printing purposes.


On the Mac we imported this file and with graphics set to be cropped to the given size in the layout the TIFF stays the size defined in Photoshop - fine: High resolution printing.


On Windows 7 the same file is not imported correctly in FM11 and FM12 - it gets much larger in cm, because the dpi aren´t recognized. So no chance for highres printing.


Are we doing something wrong ?

Is FM Win doing something different with the import file script step on Windows ?

Do container fields in FM behave different on Win than on Mac ?

How do we get highres printing on Windows using container fields ?


Anybody else having this problem ?