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    Clear script step bug


      Today I noticed a bug when a field is both on the layout and another copy is in the work space to the right of the layout the clear script step will return an error 102 (missing field) even though the field is not missing. If you use the set field script step with the calculation result of "" it will work fine all of the time. Once the copy of the field is removed from the work space the clear script step works again. Has anyone else encountered this bug?


      This minor bug and doesn't cause any issues in the production environment as the work space is just that and I only use it to hold items during development.



      Update: It appears after further testing more variables are coming into play, but I don't know what they are. I can't seem to reproduce the problem after the initial occurrence. I was in the process of updating a file from FM11 to FM12 including a layout redesign and had several items in the work space one of them was a copy of the field I was trying to clear. I did make sure the field I was trying to clear was present on the layout as that is a requirement for that script step.



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          Interesting.  I always use set field "" because it works whether the field is on the layout or not.  I'll see if I can replicate the issue when using clear.


          Might just be something wonky because the file was converted to 12.  Lots of issues relating to this that I won't get into... though I will say we're completely rebuilding one solution in 12 because the converted file was so unstable.





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            You are correct (I think) in saying it is related to the convered file. The conditions that will reproduce it everytime are.


            Convert the 11 file to 12.

            Move the old field to the work space.

            Create a new field (same field from the table as the one in the work space) on the layout.

            Run the script to clear the field.


            You can also get this to happen if you delete the version 11 field from the workspace then get the clear step working with the 12 field. Next move the 12 field to the work space and paste the deleted 11 field on the layout.


            This problem does not appear to happen in a non converted file.