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FM Database on Server asking for ESS database credentials

Question asked by cmsmith.acutec on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by cmsmith.acutec

I have a database that I created with FileMaker Pro 12 that has security setup for one simple user that gives them full control. I have two external ODBC data sources that I have specified authentication for in FileMaker Pro (so I don't have to authenticate with them, just with the FM database). Everything works great when I have FM Pro 12 running and then connect to FileMaker Go on iOS over the local network.


Once I add the database to FMSA 12 I can see it and authenticate my FileMaker user, but the authentication screen pops up for the external ODBC data sources. I don't want those showing up, just the FM login.


On a further note, when I enter the correct credentials for the external databases I get driver version errors:


Photo Aug 30, 11 04 15 AM.png.

These errors don't happen with FMP at all.


Any ideas on this?