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    Electronic Medical Records


      I have a pharmacy faculty member who collaborates with some physicians here in Pittsburgh for work in a rural clinic in Honduras. She was looking for a database to manage the pharmacy and jpatient medication records, and but now they are worndering about a full electronic medical record system. While privacy and security are essential, the system may not need to be as locked tight as HIPPA requires. I was looking aroubd to see if anyone has beuilt anything in Filemaker that may be available? They are also looking at OpenEMR and other opensource or free products.



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          Take a look at PaperCutPro. http://www.papercutpro.com. I wrote it and it has been proven for the last 12 years.




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            Thomas --


            I do some work on ComChart (http://www.comchart.com) with fellow FBA member and endocrinologist Hayward Zwerling.  ComChart has been certified by InfoGuard as an ONC-ACTB Complete Ambulatory EMR, which is a fancy way of saying that it meets all of the 'Meaningful Use' guidelines required by the U.S. government (including HIPPA, but quite a bit more as well).


            There are almost certainly parts of the EMR you will never use (e.g. electronic prescribing to the local CVS), but that won't get in the way of being able to track patients data and aid in their care.  ComChart is intended for small-medium practices, which may make it a good fit for you.  It also has the option to allow you to create additional modules by modifying a couple of files that have access to the rest of the system.  (e.g. pharmacy management in your case).


            -- Drew Tenenholz

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              Drew,  How is the medical records db going? I'm looking for a medical records FileMaker db to build on. Let me know if available for purchase or share. Or maybe you know a good resource to send me to.

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                You might be interested in PaperCutPro then. But it is very much fleshed out and full featured. You can see it at http://papercutpro.com.


                We only offer it as SAAS though as part of a full medical practice solution. The reason is that we are intent on our clients achieving success and an EMR alone does not provide that.




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