Slightly off topic Portal tip & other stuff

Discussion created by weetbicks on Aug 30, 2012

Hey all,


Given the lack of an off topic sub-forum I figure General is the next place I can post this.


I've just put up a new FM weetbicks posting (refraining from calling it an article) - Check it out here


Given it is a FileMaker blog (and this is a FileMaker forum) - there is a good little tidbit in there about suppressing a portals native row 'highlight' in FileMaker 12 through using some of the new state formatting options.


The main purpose of the posting however is to apologise for lack of articles in recent months (and this year in general) and to explain why this is. Next year I'm doing a cycle across Africa and as part of that am trying to raise money for the Heart Foundation which is a great charity in New Zealand and Australia. The last few months have been spent getting the new site ready to go live for the trip and for the charity.


Without trying to sound like a fundraising pimp, I hope you can check out the site and consider making a donation to the cause if you feel like you want to, any contribution is hugely appreciated.


In terms of the blog, I have a number of topics and stuff lined up, at this point it's just making the time to write them so I hope to get a few out there before the end of the year. Next year I'm going to have to try and rope some of the other Digital Fusion staff into contributing to the blog