Local Developer with HIPAA Compliance Experience Needed

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Aug 30, 2012

I am a professional FileMaker developer in the Mid-Hudson Valley in NY State. I just completed the first fully functioning build of the first database for a local non-profit organization that assists people with disabilities.


The organization is a HIPAA covered entity, but did not think that any of the information that would be stored in the database was protected data. It now appears that they may have been wrong about this. They are anxious to correct the situation before importing their data into the solution and using it.


Since I do not have any experience with HIPAA compliance, I have advised the client that it would be better served by taking the solution to a developer who has built HIPAA compliant solutions before. I said that I would help them find one. Once the database is compliant, the new developer would take over all future work for this client.


NOTE - The client has a strong preference for developers in the Mid-Hudson Valley (Sullivan, Ulster, Orange & Dutchess County areas).


If you are located in this area, have HIPAA experience, please send a personal message with your contact info to