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Sharing data between FM11 Server & FM12 Server

Question asked by brsamuel on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by Oliver_Reid

The background:

We have an extensive in-house solution running on FM Server Adv. 11.

We utilize a 3rd-party FM solution that is running on 11, which is not yet ready for 12.

We use My SQL for interfacing with our public web site, among other processes.

We intend to upgrade to Server Adv. 12 in September. Thus we will need to leave the 3rd-party solution running on Server Adv. 11 and move our in-house solution to a machine running Server Adv. 12.



The question:

How do we share data between FM Server 11 and 12? Data will need to move in both directions. Early attempts with ODBC report that "The ODBC data source you have selected is not supported." I understand that 11 and 12 cannot natively share information, but it seems (to me) that they ought to be able to speak to each other via ODBC. Have I simply set something up incorrectly, or does this mean we will need to use an SQL engine such as My SQL as an intermediary?



In anticipation of your question as to why we are upgrading: we are pushing the limits of what FM 11 Server can do. We have already upgraded our server hardware in every way possible and we perpetually search for ways to further optimize our in-house solution. Early testing indicates that 12 will provide substantial improvements.



Thanks for ANY input you may offer.