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    Resources weekly view


      Hi Guys,


      I am developing a solution to see schedule resources (about 200 Cleaners) on weekly schedules. Almost all taks are repetive on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. I have assigned them all a customer etc. I have the basic structure of Client, Cleaners, Cleaning jobs (repeating jobs each get their own record).


      What I am trying to do is to create a list layout which sorts the jobs by week and then cleaner, and then ideally a portal for each day of the week listing the jobs in time order. But I can not figure out how this would be designed in a simple way. Any ideas? It would be much appreciated.

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          Never mind, I solved it. I was trying to reference the wrong table...


          I I used the Clener as the Main table which has a week number (clac) field, this can be adjusted through a date selection. This relationship together with the Cleaner ID = Task::Assigened Cleaner ID provides and easy way to filter the weeks. and tasks per cleaner.

          Then I set up 7 portals, which filder the days of the week and are sorted by start time. Voila, a simple schedule. You could now also set up aportal for the morning and the afternoon to sperate and make it clearer visually. I have also set the conditional formatting to show in varying shades of color to differentiate the time slots.