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    PHP site Assistant..




      I am new to filemaker web development. I would like to develop my website in php using filemaker pro advanced /server 12. But i am having material how to do custom web publishing with php in filemaker pro/server 11. Let me know where i can find PHP Site Assistant in filemaker server 12 and how to CWP in Filemaker sever 12. Kindly guide me to do.


      Thanks in advance....

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          Do you currently have FMS11 and a running website built with Site Assistant (FM11)? If so, these may be able to be ported to FMServer 12.


          The Site Assistants are deprecated (removed) from FMServer 12 & FMServer 12 Advanced.




          You may create a website with mostly the HTML, CSS (and if needed JavaScript). Then decide where to make it dynamic. That's where you put the PHP queries and use PHP to display the results of the queries. (sorry, that's the way web developers do it!)


          If your site is not very complex, you may investigate IWP Instant Web Publishing with FMServer 12 Advanced.


          And/or you can find many php developers to work on the site for you. If they aren't familiar with FM & php, show them the PDF you have on CWP. 


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