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    FMP 12 Slow Find Performance


      How can I improve my find? It is taking 14 seconds to complete and currently there are only 17,000 records.


      My solution tracks trouble tickets for multiple customers. When the user opens the solution they select a portfolio (customer unique identifier) which sets a global variable. This limits the records visible to the user. After selection the script takes the user to a page of modules. From here the user selects the module for trouble tickets. The nav script takes the user to a list view layout. Once on the layout a scipt trigger (on layout enter) runs a script that performs a find on the trouble ticket field for an asterisk (*). The reason for the find is to remove all of the <no access> records.


      FMP12 on a Mac


      I've also disabled the script trigger and tried it manually and I get the same result.

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          Are you searching for related records or parent records? Searching for related records can be slower.


          The other thing to check is the indexing on your search fields. If FileMaker has to build the index for each field you're searching on that will take time. Searching on an un-indexed, related field will take even longer.

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            One other thing you may want to try is instead of performing searches, view the records through a portal. You're capturing who the user is and the portfolio of records. It should be easy to set a portal to view the corresponding records. Then if you have to view the details for this record a simple Go To Related Record script on the portal row can isolate it on a form view layout.


            Same functionality - no searching.

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              Thanks for teh responses David and sorry for the delay getting back.


              The field is indexed. The purpose of the find was to hide all of the <no access> records from the users view. After some more searching it looks as though I was going about it the wrong way. Looks like FMs recommendation is to use a self join. After spending some time learning SJ I think I have it working ... almost. Now the user only sees the records associated to the portfolio they picked upon entering the system. The other records are still there but instead of <no access> the records are just blank. Looks like I might have to use a find after all.

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                Thanks David


                Not sure I have the self join setup exactly right. Problem is the users are not tied any records. User1 might own portfolio 1234 this month but next month they might move to another account and so the user that views and updates the records would change. The only thing that never changes is the portfolio that the record is tied to. So portfolio 1234 might belong to bank of america and that won't change. It would be a rare case if it did.


                I just want the user to be able to select a portfolio when they eneter (that part works) and then all other modules would then only show records tied to the portfolio number.