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    Sorting limits


      This is an issue I haven't dealt with in a long time. In older versions of FMP, there was a limit on how many characters of a field were used when sorting. As I recall, at one time it was 20. Is that still the case. In my current solution, I'm building a path (field) that shows where a records sits in a nested hierarchy. This allows me to sort, and have things appear in nested order. However, at the lower nesting levels the sort isn't working, and the path doesn't even show up. The path itself is being calculated correctly (auto enter calculation, replace existing, so we can move things within the hierarchy, and have the path recalculate), but the sort isn't working as I believe it should. Only thing I can think of is that the paths are too long, at those lowest levels, and have exceeded the character limit that would sort them correctly.


      Can anyone shed light on this? I've searched this site, Googled the subject, and nothing shows up. Can't find anywhere in the help system that mentions it either. Appreciate the help. Solution is in FMPA 12.


      Paul Legler

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          from FMP v12 Help


          Home > Using FileMaker Pro > Finding, sorting, and replacing data > Sorting records


          • The longest text string that FileMaker Pro will sort is 100 characters.




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            Thanks, Malcom. That is the problem, in this case. Have to come up with something that generates a shorter path.



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              Instead of shortening the source data, you can break it into 100 character pieces and sort those.


              If you have a field named LongText, then define two or more calculation fields that hold the first 100 characters, the second 100 characters, and so on until you reach the maximum length you need to sort.


              First100Chars = Left(LongText; 100)


              Second100Chars = Middle(LongText; 101; 100)


              Third100Chars = Middle(LongText; 201; 100)


              Use these calculated fields as sort keys in the sort dialog instead of using the original LongText field. First100Chars is the first field. Second100Chars is the second and so on.



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                Good idea. I'll test it.


                Thanks Tom