Teaching Programming with Bento/FM - Proposal

Discussion created by larryw on Sep 3, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2012 by steve_ssh

Students need to be taught programming skills and the process thinking behind it. And the students should not have to be one of the cream to get this benefit. Every student should learn that careful thinking and a penchant for perfection is required. And in programming you can't fake it. Your system works or it doesn't.


Most if not all attempts to teach programming either result in cognitive overload of the student -- having to learn too much, or the environment is too trivial that the result is not useful and the skills learned are unimportant. I'm seeing that FM at least has the ability to be used as a programming teaching tool that is also useful. The cost of FM is clearly out of reach.


And use of calculators in K12 does not only not teach appropriate thinking skills, it is definitely harmful, for their kids no longer learn the basics of arithmetic and graphing, just blindly punch in numbers into their mandatory graphing calculators, and the teachers and K12 administrators believing they've done their duty to teach the T in STEM.


Bento seems to me to be close to a good solution to teaching programming skills that also achieve useful results. It lacks the ability to create scripts however which I believe is necessary and also lacks debugging support.


What are others views on this proposal?