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    Confirm email address




      Is there any way to verify that the email address a user enters is a valid email address? FileMaker is able to report if an email was successfully sent but does not appear to be able to report if it was successfully delivered to an existing, valid, email address.



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          You can't really confirm it.

          You can of course check if there is a MX entry for the domain, so you know that it may accept smtp.




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            There are a number of web-based services on the web which claim to verify email addresses, but basically they can only verify:

            Format: "name@domain.xxx"

            Valid domain: "somebody@new.york" is not valid

            Valid user: verify if the user and mailbox really exist


            You may be able to scrape a webviewer for this info, but that may violate their terms of use (similar to getting mileage info from the Google Maps API).

            It may also be possible to do it yourself (from within FileMaker) if you understand enough about how to "talk" to a mail server. (I don't.)

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              Seems like you're asking several questions...

              Can you tell if an e-mail address is of a valid format? (ie not wolf@mydoor.story nor www.time.com)

              Can you tell if an e-mail address actually exists?

              Can you tell if an e-mail has been delivered?


              The answer to all three is no.


              You can get close with #1, but dive into Wikipedia's entry on e-mail addresses and you'll see the complications. #2 and #3 rely on things far beyond the scope of a FileMaker database.