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    How should I optimize Remote Access FM Go performance?


      First, some thanks. This discussion group has really beeen a great resource. Questions submitted are always answered quickly and professionally.


      I'm sure I'm not the only developer having trouble with the promise of FileMaker Go. It's an absolutely fantastic product, but my clients have expectations of performance remotely accessing their served databases from their iPhone 4s. I'm not sure what to do next.


      If they remotely access the FMPS database over the internet, it is unacceptably slow. Even using high-speed hosting services do not seem to make any difference. If they download the database (via Dropbox, etc.) and store it on their device, it will be much faster, but is not up-to-date with current changes until downloaded again. Since there might be many iPhones accessing the database during the day, the opportunity for inaccurate information is magnified. Plus, the served database is only current when the remote version is uploaded.


      Of course, the client wants FM Go to act as quickly as any other iPhone App... instantly! I realize that there are many ways to optimize the database to minimize the waittime for some procedures, but overall, even after these tweaks, it can be incredibly SLOW. Unfortunately finds and sorts must occur occasionally. Performance speed seems to be related to where the database resides.


      Question: Is there a way to script an download to the iPhone/iPad of the served database so that it will be locally stored on the remote device? Changes to the database would be made remotely and uploaded to the served database at the direction of the user, when a fresh copy of the entire database is again downloaded to the device.


      Perhaps I'm moving in the wrong direction. I guess I'm a frustrated fan. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          I can validate your instinct that working offline is the fastest user experience in FMGo. Being able to get to work right away is just what users expect on mobile devices. There are two add-ons for FileMaker that will help you sync you offline FMGo files with their hosted counterparts (the first of these is ours):


          GoZync: http://www.seedcode.com/gozync

          Mirror Sync: http://www.360works.com/filemaker-sync/


          Hope that helps,




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            Bennie -


            In addition to John's suggestion of the commercial synchronization tools (which are excellent, by the way), you might want to consider "thinking mobile". Todd Geist gave a great session at DevCon, and one of the points he made very enthusiastically was:


            Mobile is not desktop.

            Mobile is not desktop.

            Mobile is not desktop.


            (I hope I didn't miss making the point.)          


            Now, what exactly does that mean? It means that, as FileMaker developers, our first instinct is to assume we should just download our database app onto the mobile device and run with it. But that's not necessarily the right answer. Often, a mobile user isn't interested in having the whole tamale. He's only interested in what tasks he needs to do right now, with the data he needs to do them right now, and then moving on to the next thing.


            So something worth thinking about is a separate "mobile" version of your app: Light, tight, and focused (to steal from Todd). Make it do just the tasks that mobile users are interested in doing, and when a mobile user downloads, just give him a subset of the data. This allows the app to run faster and will give your users fewer things to worry with.


            Just something to consider.