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    Trouble Shooting; drop-down list & auto-complete



      I have a form with an "auto-complete" drop down list. As one enters an address, all customers with that address will be filtered down as typing continues.

      This morning it became evident that not all customers were appearing on the drop down list. In one case, I got 4/37 customers with a particular address.

      When I went into "Edit Layout" mode and started "playing around" in my quest for discovery, I somehow lost the ability to select "auto-complete" on that particular value from the value list.

      I made a new "value," thinking the first might be corrupted somehow, but still no luck.


      What can I be doing wrong??



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          Stephen Huston

          Be sure your valuelist's format is still for a drop-down list, and that it didn't get changed to a popup Menu. Menu-style lists behave differently and lose some of the optional settings of edit boxes and drop-down lists.

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            The problem was (did I say "was"? :-) )  a little different than that;

            I had about 27 of my service technicians all listed with the same company address.

            FM, when bringing up my list evidently didn't know what to know what to do with all those "like" addresses, therefore listed about 7 then on to other things.

            When I put a unique identifier in each address field ( ie 1,2,3...) all the addresses populated.

            I was worried that if I had 100 apartments at a given address, they wouldn't all show.  BUT, since each address will have an Apt # attached, all is well.  I would be in deep water, however, if the apt # was in a field by its self.

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              Stephen Huston

              It sounds like your relationship-filtered value list is based on real-information field as the relationship key, rather than a true primary-key value. What happens if someone enters an address with an extra space between address "words"?


              You might want to consider linking people at the same address to an address record via a coded primary/foreign-key so that if one of your  companies a bunch of them work for changes address, you don't have to recode all of the workers' addresses individually.