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    Server 12 advanced v2


      can't see from the outside via internet, can see ok when local but not at different remote locations.

      I have port 5300 open

      what else could this be?

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          Is that just a typo or did you open port 5300 instead of port 5003?




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            Stephen Huston

            We need to know more about your network setup.

            • Was this working before the upgrade to 12v2, or is this the first time you have deployed this FM Server machine for WAN access?
            • Do you have multiple firewall/routers in place? Are they all set to allow outside access? Do they use different IP addresses for LAN and WAN access? (Reaching your FM Server may require a different IP  address for  WAN access to your network than for a LAN connection.)
            • Are there other services on your network which may be grabbing required ports?
            • Is FM server restricting access to specific IP address ranges?
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              typo sorry

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                it was working before v2 and had problems with v2 so had to uninstall and reinstall

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                  Stephen - any suggestion of what I should look at?

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Several more items, though you didn't haven't answered several I mentioned earlier.

                    • When you uninstalled Server12v1, had you stopped the service? If not the uninstall may have failed to remove all components, and the reinstall might have been incomplete. If you're not sure, recommend shutting down FM Service, then uninstalling and reinstalling FMS12v2.
                    • Is this the same server machine that was working with v1? If not, its address may have changed.
                    • Do you still have WAN access to your network from outside for any other service (than FMS) or file-sharing access to any file server from outside?
                    • Was your FM Server network/hardware changed or reconnected/reconfigured during this upgrade?
                    • Are your network routers/firewall set to require a different IP address for access if inside or outside the firewall? (I have worked with systems where WAN FM access used a different Server IP address to connect than did the LAN connections to the same FM Server machine.)
                    • If you have someone in IT who manages network issues, get them involved.
                    • There is a setting in the FM Server Admin tool which lets you restrict access to specific IP addresses/ranges. Check that setting. It may have been changed during the upgrade. (Also, are you trying to connect via the same client machine as that which worked under v1?)

                    A clean reinstall after proper shutdown of the FM Admin services may fix things, but I suspect a network setting or address got changed.

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                      Got it working - uninstalled and reinstalled now up and running. 

                      Thank You,