How to specify a network path for external container storage?

Discussion created by tcmeyers on Sep 5, 2012
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Under FMS 12 I'd like to have files in a container field be stored on our web server machine, rather than the FMS machine. In the File>Manage>Containers menu, there is a box for setting the Base Directories. The "New..." button brings up a text box for specifying paths, with these examples shown:


Relative Path directoryName/

Full Path /Volumes/volumeName/directoryName/

Full Path driveLetter:directoryName

Network Path \computerNameshareNamedirectoryName


We have two Mac servers, the FMS machine is a Lion server, the web server is Leopard.


I orginally tried making sure that the web server hard drive was "mounted" on the FMS machine, and then specified the path in the /Volumes/volumeName/directoryName/ form. When I converted the container from internal to external storage, all seemed to go well, but the files did not end up on the web server machine, instead FileMaker created a series of folders starting with one name "Volumes" in the RC_Data_FMS/tablename folder (in the same directory as the hosted database files).


How do I properly specify the hard drive on the web server machine? I played with the \computerNameshareNamedirectoryName form, but didn't get it right, I get a "The target base directory \Mac mini 5Mac mini 5 HDLibraryWebServerDocuments mc is not valid." error box when I click the "Transfer" button.