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Needing to display items on a portal, based on a record selected on a prev portal

Question asked by cardezco on Sep 5, 2012
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So I have a portal that dispalys Policy Holders...


RecID A Name A Phone# A Address A Policy# A PymtDate A ... etc

RecID B Name B Phone# ...... Policy# B

RecID C Name C .... Policy# C


So for each Policy#, there are list of terms... and the link is Policy#, so I have a second portal with Terms for each Policy

Term X Policy# A

Term Y Policy# A

Term Z Policy# A


When the user comes to screen and is looking at the first portal, he needs to be able to see the Term(s) associated with each Policy#, ideally by clicking on the row for the Policy# he wants (Policy Holder Portal row), and having the related records dispaly on the second portal, (Terms Portal)... as is, at the moment, the second portal displays the terms for the first Policy record (Policy# A) on the first portal... if I delete that Policy, the Terms Portal then displays the assciated terms for the next Policy Record (Policy# B) which became the first record on the portal... Question is how can I make the second portal display the terms for any Policy in the first portal, by clicking on the record or something like that... both portals are on the same page/layout..