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FM12 Insert Picture locks file in Windows?

Question asked by averyswellidea on Sep 6, 2012
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I'm creating a solution that integrates both a security camera and a driver's license scanner. Both pieces of hardware create an image on the hard drive using a fixed file name that over writes the old file whenever a new image is requested. This is convenient for scripted file import. If I use the Insert Picture script step to import the jpg file into a container field, FileMaker puts some sort of lock on the file so the operating system thinks it is open in FileMaker and doesn't allow deleting (or in my case over writing). If I import a sequence of images (my D/L scanner saves an image of the full license and just the face area - so 2 images), only the last image is locked. If I close FM and come back it works fine for the first import but then locks up. My workaround is to import a dummy image into a dummy container at the end of my script so only the dummy image is locked and the others can be successfully over written. I can't find any other info on this problem in the forum. Does anyone know how to fix this? Some sort of script step that will flush the file lock? My images are all going into a separate file just for images and they are stored in the file (not external storage and not a reference). -Many thanks!