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    Switching Between Applications in Kiosk Mode


      I posted this in fmforums.com, got 104 views and 0 replies. I hope I'm not the only one having this problem!


      I'm creating in FMP12 Advanced a solution to run on Filemaker Go (Go_iPad 12.0.4) on iPad3 in kiosk mode for users to scan a barcode on an ID card. It opens in kiosk mode correctly, but when a user clicks to scan his ID, it uses Open URL to call CNS Barcode using Profiles. When the CNS Barcode Profile uses Launch URL to send the barcode digits back to Filemaker Go, the kiosk mode is lost, giving the user the ability to close the window in Filemaker Go. Does anybody know how to preserve kiosk mode when switching between applications like this?




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          Hi Rod


          Not using CNS barcode, so this is just a shot in the dark where I would start to troubleshoot this.


          Does the CNS Barcode profile use a different privilege set than the user?  Or does the script run with Full Access privileges?


          If so - then you might need to script a relogin to the user account settings to reset the kiosk mode.



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            That's a great place for me to start.Thanks for the help!

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              Stephen Huston

              I'm curious about your goal behind running Go in Kiosk mode on an iPad. What is this intended to accomplish which cannot be controlled with scripted control of the status bar and a custom menu set with few options?


              Beause any iPad user always has the option to hit the iPad's Home button on the hardware, it's not going to be reliable as a user-proof POS-type screen.


              I'm not being critical of the idea, I just  don't grasp what one might hope to control on an iPad by involking Kiosk-mode. Would love to hear the real-world issue this addresses. I'm honestly hoping to learn something from any response.



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                The iPads will be mounted in kiosk stands that cover the home button. I don't know of script or privilege set controls that prevent a user from touching the close window icon. I don't doubt that it won't be entirely user-proof, but there will be one staff person supervising as users (University students) self-scan their ID cards on 3 different iPads. Eliminating the close window icon makes it just a little bit closer to user-proof, which is better than nothing.



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                  Stephen Huston

                  AH! So this is for a custom Point-of-Sale (POS) setup with an effort to disable access to the iPad Home button. POS setups do make sense for Kiosk mode. I see these a lot recently, but I though you might have another reason for kiosk mode.

                  Thank you.