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Discussion created by noushie on Sep 5, 2012
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I am trying to create a dropdwon box that shows the pledge instalment number. I Have a databse that has customers, they can make donations, which can be connected to a pledge. Each pledge is broken up into instalments. So, in a portal in the cunstomer's card, I have a portal to their donations. I have a dropdown box from which I can select which pledge the donation is connected to. I have the folllowing relationships: Donations:_kf_CusomterID= donations_PLEDGES__viaCustomerID:_kf_CusomterID, from this I can create a dropdown box with a value list donations_PLEDGES_viaCustomerID::__kp_PledgeID, and include only related values from DONATIONS. This correctly shows all pledges to which the donation can relate. However, I'm now trying to show which instalment number to which it relates. I cannot seem to make the relationship work. I have the Pledges connected to a pledge schedule. How would I create a dropdown box in the customer's donation portal that shows the pledge instalment number? Do I continue the realtionship using the Donations:_kf_CusomterID= donations_PLEDGES__viaCustomerID:_kf_CusomterID, and create a realationship between the the donations_PLEDGES__viaCustomerID to the Pledge instalments?