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    Window Size Script


      Does anyone know of a window size script to keep all windows at %150 and maximized. Program Imusing has multiple tabs. When user goes from one tab to another, the window doesnt stay maximized.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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          Stephen Huston

          Are you talking about changing FM-native tab areas on a single tab object on one FM layout causing the screen to change from maximized to either fit the layout or show the application window (on Windows)?


          Can you provide more details regarding FM version and OS, and if this involves just changing tabs on a single tab-object, or are you also changing FM files or windows?


          Are there any script buttons over the tab areas, or script triggers which might run when changing tab selections?

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            Thanks for the reply.


            We are using Filemaker 12 advanced on Windows Server 2008.  The POS system we are using consists of multiple tabs in the top row. (Sales, Purchasing, Receiving, etc)  Each tab opens up its own window.  Whenever I go from one tab to another, the window unmaximizes itself. (this is one issue I think may be a windows OS problem)  I would like to keep the windows maximized open and at 150 insteadof the standard 100 size.  I hope this makes sense.

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              Stephen Huston

              So these are custom buttons built to look like tabs rather than FM tab-objects built with the FM tab-object tool.


              Each of your custome tab-buttons needs to call a script rather than a simple script step, so you can control the zoom and window sizing of each new window as it opens.


              Yes, the Windows OS requires more care and feeding than Mac when controlling window display. On the Mac your window is either maximized or not. On Windows, the FM application frame can appear and be filled or not filled, or the window can be Maximized to not show the application frame on the screen, but simple changes of a window being brought to the front can confound the previous setting if not controlled via a script. OR You could alternatively set a single Maximize Window script to trigger with an onLayoutLoad trigger on each of the layouts that get opened from your custom tabs. Have that script trigger remaximize the window.