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    Orphans image Records - delete options / solutions


      Hi guys..


      I have a database of billboards and the raw informaiton is provided to me by two files


      file 1 - all the billboard data, ie Panel ID, details, address etc


      file 2 - all billboard images (4,000) - the file name is Panel ID - 6 digit number


      Due to the amount of billboard images it easlier to read the complete FOLDER into the database and then create a releation between the billboard details using PANEL ID and joining this with the image name i.e Panel ID.


      I have been asked to create a cut down version of the database only show LARGE FORMAT billboards and corresponding images - around 1269 records. They can't extra only the images i require, and hence i've had to load all 4,000 images. This now inflates my database and creates all these orphan image records that I don't need - I'm not sure whats the best way to find and remove them?


      I don't want to delete 2,714 records manually and would like to run some sort of script that identifies Image Panel ID's that don't have billboard data.


      Thanks for your help