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Can't connect to MySQL database using ODBC from FMServer 12

Question asked by DaleLong on Sep 7, 2012

Hi all,


We are looking at transitioning from FM11 to FM12 soon. In order to do this, we are going to be using a VM to run FM12 Server, as our current hardware running FMServer 10 is a PowerPC and thus not compatible with the newer versions of FM server software.


On our old setup, we used an ODBC connection to import new records from our website's MySQL backend. I have tested our converted database on 12, and for the most part, things work okay; but I'm having a difficult time getting the ODBC functionality working. Our IT department has essentially thrown up their hands in defeat, which sucks, because I'm not an IT person, so hopefully I might get some insight here.


Our new setup is using FMServer 12, running on a Windows Server 2008 VM. I installed the MySQL ODBC drivers, and the IT department have configured the host machine and the VM so that the 'test' button in the ODBC driver software for our production MySQL database works. However, whenever I try to use a FileMaker client to access one of the MySQL tables, the program hangs, and then crashes both the client AND the server. I have to restart the FileMaker Server service each time.


So what things should I be looking at if I have connectivity with the driver, but FileMaker is still crashing? I have verified ports, logins, and passwords are all consistent (which shouldn't crash anyway if they were wrong I'd think), but am happy to try and dig up any other information I can if it would be helpful for diagnosing this difficulty.


Thanks in advance.


*edit* I talked to our old web admin, and he recommended installing OpenOffice on the VM and trying to connect via ODBC from there. This worked without issue, so the problem seems to be FileMaker centric