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Discussion created by johnnylogo78 on Sep 7, 2012
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I hope someone can help me.



I have four fields (2 fields I enter information and 2 fields that generate a classification relationship by what I enter). I would like to set up a script or some kind of sort that compares the 2 related fields and give weight to the higher value to be sorted later. The relationship fields have only 1 value list to choose from: "6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, Ind. and empty" for comparison.


Example: If I enter one name on line 1 and it relates to 3A and the other name I enter relates to 5A...then I would like FileMaker to sort my finished list of 60 lines by the "higher" value of 5A of that line, but the next line might be a 6A name and 2A it would sort first because 6A is the higher value of the 2A and the highest overall.


I hope this makes sense.


The comparison between the 2 related fields is where I am having trouble. If anyone knows how to compare the 2 fields and then sort them by the higher to lower value...I would appreciate it.


thanks in advance!


PS: there are no repeating fields each line is a new record that I enter.