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    New Window Size Changes Main Window Size


      I am using a script to open a new floating window on top of the main window. When the new window is opened, the main window also resizes to the new windows size. It does not stay maximized in the background.


      This is the script:

      New Window [Name: "Route Miles Summary"; Height: 400; Width: 750; Top: 50; Style: Floating Document]

      Go to Layout ["Route Miles Summary" (ROUTES)]

      Show/Hide Toolbars ;Hide'


      The Data Entry layout is the main window that is full screen with a button to call the above script. When the script runs by pressing the button, the main window will resize to 400x750 with the toolbar hidden, then the new window (Route Mailes Summary) appears on top at 400x750 with the toolbar hidden. When I close the ROute Summary window, the main window (Data Entry) remains at 400x750.


      The New Window settings are set as follows:

      Window Name - Route Miles Summary

      Height - 400

      Width - 750

      Distance from top - 50

      Distance from left - (Blank)


      Floating Document Window

      All window controls are disabled.


      The new window (Route Summary) does have a close button that does close the window.


      Thanks in advance for you help.



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          Don't 'ya just love Windows.  As far as I know this has been a "Windows" problem that FMP can't (won't?) overcome as far back as I can remember.


          Your technique makes for a beautiful running app on the Mac; is useless on Windows unless you want to drive your customers crazy with window sizing.


          I write properly functioning apps on the Mac, I write window-maximized apps on Windows.  Really need a popup dialog over a window without it resizing?  You may need to use a plugin (why can they do it and FMP can't?).


          My own solution to this problem is to control window sizing and when a window needs to be "maximized" I actually size it about 25 pixels under the screen height and width.  Then a popup window doesn't force a maximized window to redraw.


          Unless someone else has an answer to this problem......love to hear it.....



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            Hi Craig,


            I find it is easier to set the window size to almost-maximum and keep them there otherwise you will see the windows change and flash as you move around and work which is quite distracting.  If you use:  Get ( WindowDesktopHeight ) - 4 and Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) - 4 and distance at 0 for top and left, it appears to be maximized but since it is not truly maximized, it will not 'drop to restore' state while working. 


            ADDED:  If you use this technique and keep all objects within this size, you will not get the ugly Windows scroll bars either.


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              Part of the issue is that FileMaker only allows one window to be maximized. The result of this is that maximizing the new front window forces the other window to shrink.  In short the problem you have been seeing. You can get arround this by sizing all of the windows to be a few pixels smaller then max.  They will look maximized or very close.   By doing this you can then make all of the windows the same size and just control which windows is in front.  Changing windows won't resize the other windows.  William and  LaRetta have some good suggestion on this.




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                I have the same problem in Windows 8. I feel that FileMaker lacks the ability to handle windows properly. And lacks the desire to fix this problem.


                It is absurd that FileMaker Ink wants to be a professional database yet can't deliver professional results with windows.


                I used 4th Dimension before switching to FileMaker and it had far superior windowing capabilities.


                Yesterday I tried the Floating Window since I needed the user to look at one window below to enter information. I sized the window smaller and yahoo, every window resized itself. This is absurd. Dialogs don't resize the windows below.


                There is a serious flaw in FileMaker's windowing code and it needs to be fixed and has for many, many years.