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New Window Size Changes Main Window Size

Question asked by cabarnes on Sep 8, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by disabled_jackrodgers

I am using a script to open a new floating window on top of the main window. When the new window is opened, the main window also resizes to the new windows size. It does not stay maximized in the background.


This is the script:

New Window [Name: "Route Miles Summary"; Height: 400; Width: 750; Top: 50; Style: Floating Document]

Go to Layout ["Route Miles Summary" (ROUTES)]

Show/Hide Toolbars ;Hide'


The Data Entry layout is the main window that is full screen with a button to call the above script. When the script runs by pressing the button, the main window will resize to 400x750 with the toolbar hidden, then the new window (Route Mailes Summary) appears on top at 400x750 with the toolbar hidden. When I close the ROute Summary window, the main window (Data Entry) remains at 400x750.


The New Window settings are set as follows:

Window Name - Route Miles Summary

Height - 400

Width - 750

Distance from top - 50

Distance from left - (Blank)


Floating Document Window

All window controls are disabled.


The new window (Route Summary) does have a close button that does close the window.


Thanks in advance for you help.