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    Need help with filtered portal calculation


      I am working with the following tables and TOs:

      • Budgets
      • Categories
      • Purchases
      • (among others)


      On the Purchases layout (based on Purchases table) I have a portal referencing Categories 2. In this portal I want to show two things:

      1. Category Name (this is working)
      2. remaining budget balance for each budget category (ShowBudgets4::sBudget_amount - Purchases::sPurchases_amount)


      *** This portal is to be filtered by the "current show" (this may be derived from any of the Show TOs seen in the attached graph) for which a budget has been prepared.


      I have attempted MANY combinations of relationships and calculations with results ranging from NO data shown to from all purchases ever made.


      WARNING: FileMaker Novice at Work Here... I am including a screen shot of that portion of my relational graph... please don't judge my rediculous attempts


      Thanks in advance....


      Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 1.11.54 PM.png