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    Portrait/Lanscape Issue


      I have found that if I change a layout orientation it will also change the orientation in all the other layouts. Does anyone know if it's possible to do both orientations within one file?

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          Hello, Jacque.


          Yes, it's possible to have different orientations (and page / media sizes) within the same database. If you're wanting to do this to print (which I suspect is what you're after), the easiest way to manage it is to write a script that restores the Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (Mac) settings prior to printing. Then you can attach that script to a button that your users can click to restore the appropriate settings.





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            Thanks Mike, this is helpful.

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              I generally store page orientation in a text box on the layout itself. I name a text box "orientation" and give it a value of "landscape" or "portrait". Then on Layout Load I run a script that checks that named object (using GetLayoutObjectAttribute) and uses Print Setup[] to set the correct orientation.

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                Thanks David. These are electronically filled out forms and are a collection of both orientations, I was hoping to find a way for the electronic version to view and fill in landscape. Do you know how to do this?