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500 fields in a table?

Question asked by redzwanlatif on Sep 10, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by jormond

Hi. I'm a new developer and I'm working on my first custom project. I got a table which have 500 fields in it. Some of my Filemaker friends told me that it's not good to have 500 fields in one table. Some people told me to store these as 500 records in a single table instead of 500 fields in a single table. But If I follow the 500 records method, I wont be able to build a graphical periodontal chart (refer to the attachment) like this. And of course, the users wants it to be fast. So I thought of building the periodontal chart in other .fmp12 file and link it to the original db. But after I added the external FM data. All the 500 fields went empty and I need to set all the 500 fields again. Any other recommendations, methods or ideas to build this periodontal chart?


Thank you