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    Weird print bug 12.02 Mac OS


      We have a layout that has worked fine for years. It stopped printing one field. I am pretty certain it worked in 12.01. If not we have some very unobservant workers.;-)


      The specifics:

      Mac OS 10.7 10.6.8

      FMP 12.02


      The field has a go to related record button attached to it.


      The field is in a portal row and not touching any elements of the portal


      The field shows in preview - both portrait and landscape


      The field prints in portrait


      The field does not print in landscape.


      Recreating the layout without copying any of the prior elements has the same problem.




      Tim Ballering

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          Stephen Huston

          Not a clue why it would be dependant on the page orientation for printing, but a shot in the dark -- is there any conditional formatting on this field?

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            As far as I know, conditional formatting will not effect the print, but the field size in landscape may be altered in a way it cannot display the contents.

            How is the anchoring on that field?

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              What about the sliding/hide when printing? It might be worth checking. Also, what type of field is it? text/number etc, perhaps the display format of the field may be wrong?


              Out of curiosity - why are you printing a portal...?

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                Thanks for the replies.  Answer to the questions present by all:


                No conditional formatting, but field object is formatted as a button


                Anchored top left


                Text field, text content


                It is only this one field, all others in the portal print regardless of orientation


                There is no sliding or hiding applied to the field or portal


                We use a portal in this case instead of a list report as there is static information to the left and right of the portal.  There is a 1/4 margin between the text box and the portal.  I removed these text boxes and the printing bug persisted.



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                  Stephen Huston

                  An aside to psijmons: Conditional formating can be applied based on Window Mode (where Preview and Printing are actualy different modes), so I just wondered about that. Clearly not the issue in this case with no CF applied.


                  Tim: does this change if you remove the button formatting from this field? (Since you say this persists on new layouts, try duplicating the layout, removing the button functionality from that field and test printing.)


                  I can't think of any reason why a button would print differently by page orientation, but it would be good to pin down the cause so that FM engineers can try to fix it, especially if it is a new bug.