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    Compatibility with Windows Server 2012?




      We are a non-profit and we get software from Techsoup. They are now only offering Windows Server 2012. Any date for when we are going to have a FileMaker Server or Server Advanced compatilbe with Server 2012? I don't see 2012 listed in the tech specs http://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/server-12-specifications.html.


      Has anybody tried it?


      I did do a search in the forums for Windows Server 2012 but did not find any discussions.





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          I once helped a non-profit acquire Windows Server software from TechSoup. I noticed that when the non-profit acquired a license for Windows Server 2008, Microsoft also provided a license key for Windows Server 2003. The non-profit was only licensed to use one version or the other at one time, but they could choose which to install.




          I wouldn’t be surprised if you got license keys for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 when you buy a license for Windows Server 2012 thru TechSoup.




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            Thanks Morgan! Great point! I will check.... We just got a new server and I'm thinking of going to 2012 anway so I'll be interested in hearing if anyone has tried it.

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              The Server QA team at FileMaker has been testing with Windows Server 2012, but has not certified FMServer 12 on that platform yet, so you would be taking a risk in running FMServer on an unsupported platform.


              And as mentioned in my DevCon session: the new backup features in FMServer 12 which rely on hard links will not (and cannot) work on a volume formatted with the new "Resilient File System" (ReFS) in Windows Server 2012.


              This is because ReFS doesn't support hard links at all, and hard links are required for Progressive Backup in FMServer 12. There will be documentation on how to work around this limitation when FMServer is certified on that platform.


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                Thank you! Yes, that is very useful!


                Is there any documentation on your DevCon session?


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                  If you or a co-worker attended DevCon, you can download a copy of my presentation from the speaker updates page (URL is in the DevCon materials).


                  Otherwise, DevCon sessions in the big rooms were recorded for the first time this year!  Delfina and team are working on making them available to DevCon attendees, and to others after that.  See this discussion:

                  Session recordings




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                    In the same area, are FMS 9, 10 or 11 compatible with Windows Server 2012 64 bits ? I have a client who runs FMS9 and wants to upgrade his hardware + Windows but not the FileMaker licences. Someone has an idea ?


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                      No, you can pretty much figure if the most recent version of FMP isn't certified for a platform that none of the previous versions would be either.

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                        We have been attempting to test Server 2012 (64 Bit). As many of you, we lease our licenses so we pay the same amount for Windows 2003 as Windows 2012. There are several features we would like to explore for our users. FileMaker Server 12 seems to install without issue; however, we are getting the following when we attempt to configure the web publish:



                        Create PHP test page virtual directory - Incorrect function.


                        We are aware of the issue with progressive backups, as we do not intend to use the new Storage features, this is not a problem for us; however, not being able to enable Web Publishing is a bigger issue.