Misleading Button Labels in Spelling Checker

Discussion created by richardsrussell on Sep 10, 2012

I was checking spelling in a list of spices and condiments, when I turned this one up:


Ignore All in Spelling Checker.jpg


Now, in fact, "Lawry's" is a perfectly legitimate word — it's a brand name — so I used "Learn" to add it to the user dictionary. But then it turned up again as "questionable". I didn't think that was supposed to happen for a dictionaried word. And I was uncomfortable with the options presented. I'd already used "Learn", and upon clicking it again was assured that FileMaker had, in fact, learned the word. But there it still was. "Check" assured me that it was in fact the correct spelling, but there it still sat. "Replace" (the suggested default choice) seemed dangerous, since there was nothing to replace it WITH (empty box below the highlighted term), and I didn't want to wipe out the word, just skip over it.


Which left me with "Ignore All", which carried the strong implication that any further spelling errors turned up would be ignored, which I certainly didn't want to do, either.


This left me with "Cancel", which terminated the entire spell-checking operation, leaving me not pleased.


I went back in experimental mode (copy of the file) and discovered that "Replace" will not, in fact, replace "Lawry's" with anything, and furthermore "Ignore All" apparently just "Ignores One", but the button labels themselves should have told me that, doncha think? And why, once a term has been learned, won't it STAY learned?