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    Point to a subject to show the profile--- Like in the movie


      I am creating a database for my hotel. I suddenly have a creative ( maybe crazy ) idea --- I want to like in the movie, when I point to a subject, like a bed, then show the profile of the bed ( inventory ). How can I achieve this in FM? I totally have no idea of that. I can take a panorama picture of the room. when pointing a bed/TV/chair, it shows the profile of the subject. Like manufacturer/puchase date/price/maintenace history/etc. Pls don't laugh at me. Is it possible in FM or other software? I am not a geek so I ask for your help!! I wish there is a relatively easy way to achieve that. I can't study for 6 months to achieve that goal. I can do it only in the plain FM way but I just want to add more touch to it. Is that possible?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Stephen Huston

          You can get some of this, but not quite the movie-quality jazz, with FileMaker's built-in Tooltips. These have to be programmed at the field or layout-object level in layout mode, so you are going to get info based on the record data, depending on how you use the calculation engine to define your tooltip content. (Tooltip controls and programming are accessible in the inspector panel in layout mode.


          If you put your images in a portal as related records, you can have descriptor info in a field of each related image record which is pulled for the tooltip content so the tooltip will match the specific image.