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Problem with keyboard trigger

Question asked by scubed on Sep 10, 2012

Tried to convert our POS system from FM11 to FM12. There are a number of "OnLayoutKeystroke" and "OnObjectKeystroke" triggers that work with bar code readers and mag stripe readers. In FM12, there are significant characters lost on input with these devices. Same code works fine on FM11. I wrote a short 4 line trigger script that just looks at each character with a "get(TriggerKeystroke)". When I use either the bar code scanner or mag reader (USB keyboard devices), I only get about 20% of the characters transmitted by the devices. I actually have made it fail when I very quickly run my fingers across the keyboard. The same code works fine in FM11.


Filemaker support so far has not been willing to look at the problem, citing 3rd party hardware issues beyond their control. I looked at the OS keyboard buffer and it is set to 100 characters, way more than needed by either of these devices.


Anyone have any ideas? I can include the file if anyone has interest.




ADDED 9/13....Problem only with PCs (XP, W7) and not Mac.