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    Stop Filemaker 12 Server Script


      Hi, I have a script that is running on a FM 12 Server. I need to stop that script. How do I do that with out restarting the server.



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          look for a process running called something like fmsase.exe or fmsased

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            fmsadmin stop fmse

            fmsadmin start fmse


            That's a new command added in 12

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              I would take a different approach, at least as my first step.

              For logging reasons you should have a special user for the server script. Then in your logs you will be able to see who did what.

              Maybe even different users for different important server scripts? .... users are free, sessions are not


              And you do not need to stop the entire engine to stop a loose running script.

              Aborting a specific user/running script will not influence any other functionality and it is very easy to do in the userinterface (server console).




              If you want to se how this is done, have a look at the file with the movie that I am adding to this post. But as I see it, in most cases it is better to kill the script instead of killing the entire script scheduling engine.


              If if it is the engine as such that is causing the problems (so far I have not seen this happen), then the other advises are better than mine. If this is the case you should definetely have a look at "The FileMaker® Server 12 Processes and the Command Line" by Decorte and Blackwell

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                BTW: There is a very good way to enable a server script halt in the user interface - can be done from any FileMaker Client.

                You have to consider whether it will delay the script to much, but in most cases I am sure that it is not a problem.


                Create one central "robot-session-table" somewhere in your solution. Preferably the server/robot script is in a file by itself - its own UI. If so, you can put it there.


                Create a few fields, one for each schedule/serverscript. Create one and only one record in this table. Make a cartesian relation to this table from your serverscript TOG. Put "1" into the relevant field.


                In your serverscript loops you should then check this field: 1 = continue. 0 = Stop/exit the script(s).


                In your UI, maybe only available for the developers, have this/those fields on display. Change the value from 1 to 0 when you want to stop a script. If the first you do when starting the scheduled script is to check this, then you can actually enable/disable scheduled scripts from the UI.


                The next step is to have a log of the robot activity in the UI etc. etc.

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                  when script is running, the server name will appear as a client under the admin pannel, select client and disconnect.

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                    Hi. I do have a server script toggle.  I have a SQL select statement that looks for the 1 if the server is on. And it is in every server script. However this script uses a plugin and sometimes it will get stuck executing the plugin function.  So the toggle won't work.  I need a way to go into server admin and stop the script. 


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                      Have a look at my post from Sep 12, 2012 3:59 PM

                      and from Sep 12, 2012 4:06 PM

                      It has the full description and no plugin is needed.