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2-Sided (Duplex) Printing with Multiple Records per Page

Question asked by richardsrussell on Sep 11, 2012
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So I'm trying to print personalized certificates, on pre-perfed paper, with the names of the recipients on the front and the bar code corresponding to what the certificate's good for (which varies from 1 person to the next) on the back. I can fit 4 certificates on a page, so what I'd LIKE to print is this:


[Page 1, Layout F]

Record 1 Front

Record 2 Front

Record 3 Front

Record 4 Front

[Other side, Layout B]

Record 1 Back

Record 2 Back

Record 3 Back

Record 4 Back

[Page 2, Layout F]

Record 5 Front

Record 6 Front

Record 7 Front

Record 8 Front

[Other side, Layout B]

Record 5 Back

Record 6 Back

Record 7 Back

Record 8 Back

[Page 3, Layout F]

Record 9 Front



I expect that I can script it if necessary, but it occurred to me that there might be a more elegant way of going about it. Anyone got any ideas?