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Time Zone Error on FMS 11

Question asked by user12837 on Sep 12, 2012
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I have the latest version of FMS Advanced running on Windows 2008.


(1) The system tray clock indicates that the local machine time is also 8:00AM.

(2) The time zone for the local machine is EST.

(3) I create a schedule using the Schedule Assistant

(4) At the bottom of the screen there is a message saying that all dates and times are based on FileMaker Server time, which is 8:00AM.

(5) I set the Once per Day radio button

(6) I set the time for 1:00AM

(7) The schedule summary page indicates that the new schedule is to run once per day, every day, at 4:00AM.

(8) The schedule executes once per day, every day, at 4:00AM.


FMS obviously thinks it's in the Pacific Time Zone, even though the local machine thinks it's in the EST zone.


How do I change the time zone for FMS?