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ValueListNames / ValueListItems problem

Question asked by ianskidmore on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by lyle



I'm trying to set up a calculated global field in a table to store the set of valuelists for my database. I have already calculated the filename using the Get(Filename) function; now I'm trying to use this value to generate a list of valuelists:


$filename = Get(FileName);


returns the name of the database file as expected. But then


$valuelists = ValueListNames( Get(FileName) );


is returning an empty result.


I really want to be able to use the $filename result in a different function call:


$myValueList = ValueListItems( Get(FileName), "valueListName"), but this is also returning an empty result.


I'm still using with FMP 11 - any ideas why this isn't working?