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    Dashboard Templates


      Does anybody know of a few charting dashboards which are available to download as templates? I am interested in buying one or two, so I can edit and modify for my needs if none are freely available. It seems that charting on filemaker and dashboard popularity would gaurantee some availability, but I can only find one. I am trying to not completely reinvent a wheel that I am certain has been invented ....


      Again, if anybody has one that is nice and worthy of use, I would gladly pay for a copy of it.

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          Hi: Did you find a "dashboard template" as you stated before?  Please let me know. Thanks

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            No.  Not what I was after.  So, I had a developer create a dynamic dashboard program. 

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              Any idea as to where to purchase the third party software? Also, what was the cost for your project by the developer?



              Badel P. Khano

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                I've been at this for many years, and have yet to see two the same


                It would help if you could specify your industry, or application


                FileMaker charting is relatively easy, and worth doing from scratch


                and I hate to say, the best I've seen was done entirely in PHP, using data cached from FM Server




                > I am trying to not completely reinvent a wheel that I am certain has been invented ....

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                  The new 12 charting is pretty good for this; just need to be careful on your chart specifications.  SQL really helps here.

                  If you want to get really crazy with charts one of the best is xmChart; allows you to do anything with charting and since

                  the chart def is textual you can even get fancy with importing text file chart def's to make it really dynamic and upgradable.


                  Fusion Charts puts out a completely different setup based on Java, I think.  Renders beautiful charts that have properties

                  not found elsewhere.  A little difficult on the definition side but the end result is worth it.


                  Both can make a great foundation for dashboards.



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                    thanks for your comments everybody.  Best and most user-friendly option from newradiologytechnology.com


                    videos in Dashboards link.  Just runs as a separate app and hosts to any browser, so works very nicely And dynamically in webframe.


                    filemaker makes nice ones, but not dynamic for all end-users and I don't want to make a new layout every time...