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    Importing .csv files


      Can anyone help me??? I'm trying to import a .csv file into Filemaker Pro11 Advanced and keep getting error msg that all records skipped do to error.

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          what format is the .csv? If it's NOT exactly as it should be:


          • double-quoted text


          • no quotes on numbers is ok


          • comma (",") between all values/cells/fields


          • return-delimited between rows/records


          • exact number of columns in each row


          ... then you will have failure. Are you specifying ".csv" as import type? are you trying to import into existing table? if so, how do you match names?


          not enough info to answer fully,


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            thank you for your help Beverly, I'm trying to import into an existing table. The fields appear to be identical

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              "fields appear to be identical". Do you have a .csv with the first row as field names?


              if you see the names, have you selected "matching names" or are you relying on custom order?

              Are you posting a graphic of your import dialog to this forum? I'm on email and haven't checked. If not, please do!



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                Do you have any field validations?

                If you have a field that requires a value yet are importing nothing into it.

                If there is an Auto-Enter field but you didn't check "Allow auto-enter options while importing…" during the import.

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                  thank you very much, the problem was in the validations for two of my fields. This is my first time on this site and am greatful for everyones help.