Accessing MySQL with Filemaker GO

Discussion created by raykennedy on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by rivet

All my databases are MySQL on a shared servier. I have been successfull in accessing this using ODBC and Filemake Pro on my personal computer. In order to truly create apps uisng the new Filemker PRO 12 I would need to access these databases. So far what I have found is this can not be done without filemaker server. Are there are other options to access MySQL with filemaker go. The new filemake pro 12 talks about creating apps, I assume this still follows the same rules as filemake go restricts you to.


As a result of this I have done some minor research on Filemaker Pro Server services. They all seem a bit pricy for the purposes of just utilizing a database. If this is my only route any suggestions on reasonable priced services if I did entertain this option. Keep in mind, this is for the purposes of creating apps solely for my personal purposes and creating efficiencies, it's not currenlty income driven.


Any thoughts or suggestions on this would be helpful.