Allowing all users on FM network to open referenced files by double clicking

Discussion created by ChrisG on Sep 14, 2012
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Dear FMP gurus


I have a networked solution where the users want to store file references to various files such as docs, jpeg and movies. I am using FM 12 and FM server 12. The file references are stored in a container field in a table called media. How do I overcome the problem where one user creates a new "media" record, inserts a reference to a file into the container field and then another user on another machine gets the message that the referenced file cannot be found when he tries to double click it?


Will storing a referenced file work when the source of the referenced images are on a server which is utilised by all users? Obviously this resource must be mounted before the user tries to double click a file reference in the container field.

What happens when different computers such as Mac or Windows store the reference? How does one deal with that?

I have looked at the reference by setting a variable with the result of GetAsText ( container )


What are the best ways to standardise?

Could I have a field where a path is saved, append (some of) the output from GetAsText ( container ) and then use the open URL step?

What other methods are there to make this issue bomb proof?

Can the external storage ability of FM 12 overcome these issues?

The important thing is to store only a reference since some of the files are quite large.


What a lot of questions. I sure hope someone can shed a bit of light on this.


Thank you


Chris G